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What elevates Mr. Franken above your garden-variety comedian is an erudite wit and a highly developed sense of the absurd.

— The New York Times

Simply hilarious.

— The Times of London

I cannot remember one moment of this show that wasn't funny. I am still laughing.

— The Scotsman

You can't take your eyes off these inspired outpourings.

— UK Guardian

Best Alternative to Psychedelic Drugs.

— San Francisco Bay Guardian

Will Franken is an astounding character comedian who makes almost everyone else in his field look like lazy chancers.

— Chortle UK

Quite simply, he does the smartest comedy I’ve ever seen. I laughed so hard when I discovered his act that my ribs couldn’t contain it all.

— The Oakland Tribune

Franken wanders through a parallel-universe city populated by hipsters who challenge John Milton to poetry slams and crass marketers of women’s empowerment symposia, among other fun-house imaginings.

— The Onion

This is a supremely talented comedy actor, and each of his characters lives and breathes, however absurdly they do it.

— The Scotsman

It’s more acting than stand-up, and no race, minority, nor pet cause is safe. It belongs in some London theater and it’s way too good for cable TV.

— David Downs, Gelf Magazine

Every Will Franken show is like watching a cast of thousands, with a potpourri of voices and characters.

— San Francisco Chronicle

Instead of delivering one-liners, Franken simply becomes these diverse characters, something that a generic stand-up comic would be hard-pressed to replicate.

— San Francisco Herald

A hilarious, dryly intelligent comedian.

— The Reno News and Review

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WINNER: ThreeWeeks Editors' Award 2014

WINNER: Barry Award: Best Performer 2014

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Thursday, 16th February

Eternal Comedy Nightmare

The Farley MacAllan; 177-179 Morning Lane; London; E9 6JY


Sunday, 26th February

Comedy Night

Clissold Arms; 105 Fortis Green; East Finchley; London; N2 9HR


Tuesday, 14th March

Comedy Cirque

Cirque; 323 Old Street; Shoreditch; London; EC1V 9LE


Thursday, 30th March

Private gig for Army personnel in Hook, Hampshire. . .

Friday, 31st March and Saturday, 1st April performing at The Utrecht Comedy Festival -- details to follow. . .

Thursday, 6th July

The Thursday Show

The Stand; 31 High Bridge; Newcastle-Upon-Tyne; NE1 1EW


Friday, 7th July

The Friday Show

The Stand; 31 High Bridge; Newcastle-Upon-Tyne; NE1 1EW


Saturday, 8th July

The Saturday Show

The Stand; 31 High Bridge; Newcastle-Upon-Tyne; NE1 1EW


Thursday, 11th January

The Thursday Show

The Stand; 5 York Place; Edinburgh; EH1 3EB


Friday, 12th January

The Friday Show

The Stand; 5 York Place; Edinburgh; EH1 3EB


Saturday, 13th January

The Saturday Show

The Stand; 5 York Place; Edinburgh; EH1 3EB


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 Watch Will's performance on England's The World Stands Up Programme!

 “Dear NBC, I would like to audition for Last Comic Standing, but where should I go? What should I do? What does it mean to audition for Last Comic Standing? Will there be water there at the place I audition? What if I get sick the day of the audition? I have been divorced, is that okay? Signed Josh–I mean, Will Franken.”

After I sent the e-mail back, I waited and waited and waited. I looked at the computer screen for minutes, then hours, until the very next day when, right in front of my eyes–A NEW E-MAIL APPEARED!!!!

Read about Will's try-out for NBC's Last Comic Standing!




that's not the reason I'm doing this

That’s Not The Reason I’m Doing This

$20.00 (includes domestic shipping)

Ever the nomadic and oftentimes undefinable entertainer — a comedy club here, a rock club there — Will Franken the wanderer found a home for the fullest expression of his talents to date in the theatre. More...

Concert To Benefit The Victims Of My Father

Concert To Benefit The Victims Of My Father

$20.00 (includes domestic shipping)

This live CD contains some of Will's best-known pieces. Laugh along with audiences as Will frolics and cavorts from character to character like a caged animal finally released into his natural habitat: the stage. More...

Putting Smiles On The Faces Of Dead People

Putting Smiles On The Faces Of Dead People

$18.00 (includes domestic shipping)

In the summer of 1997, a close friend convinced Will Franken to take some student loan money and purchase a small home recording studio. The result, over the course of two years — between Missouri and New York and North Carolina--was a 19 hour, 17 CD box set — of which Putting Smiles On The Faces Of Dead People is but one in a series of best-of volumes from that period. This 72 minute compilation contains some of Will's personal favorites, many of which — owing to the level of studio complexity inherent in purely audio comedy — he has never performed live. The studio Will is different from the live Will — even more cerebral, even more surreal — but still hilarious.More...

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